In today's high-tech world, it's easy to be dazzled by the incredible array of software products for the building design professional. Wire frames. 3D solid modeling, photo reatistic renderings, you name it! But in many architectural and engineering offices, a large portion of the real work at hand is still two dimensional... floor plans, wall sections, elevations and details.

The FLATLAND® Architectural Drafting Extension for AutoCAD® is a third party application intended to adapt basic AutoCAD to the specific task of creating architectural construction documents. Designed to meet the needs of architects, engineers, contractors and other building design professionals, FLATLAND incorporates a comprehensive set of two dimensional drafting tools that were developed while in use in a major architectural firm.

FLATLAND Layering System An automated AIA based layering system which stores and recalls layer parameters. New layers are created at the moment they're needed. Never see "Can not find layer..." again!
FLATLAND Symbols Hundreds of standard architectural symbols in simple, easy to maintain two dimensional block form. Many of these symbols are created parametrically and include handy insertion routines.
FLATLAND's PLanning Tools Comprehensive wall, door and window routines that make floor planning a pleasure along with the editing tools that it takes to maintain a drawing over the long haul.
FLATLAND's Dimensioning Tools A simplified dimensioning system designed to handle large, complex drawings. FLATLAND adds many convenient formatting functions while reducing setting requirements.
FLATLAND's Annotation Tools High-end drawing annotation tools and text editing functions take the work out of noting your drawings. Manipulate text styles, height, width and other properties with ease.
FLATLAND's Scheduling Tools Automated door and room finish scheduling systems that will help you track the details of your proiects. Shedule data can be edited in your drawings or in spreadsheet form.
FLATLAND's Symbols Special, automated drawing cross referencing system to help tie up the loose ends without having to spend days of tedious work marking up prints and correcting drawings. Move from a symbol to the drawing it references in a click.
FLATLAND's Drawing Management Tools Drawing management tools to help track and assemble the many individual images required to create a complete set of working documents.
Because FLATLAND was created in a "real world" working environment, it's tuned to the special requirements of a real office... tuned to the way you work. FLATLAND allows your drawings to develop naturally, as information becomes available, and provides the editing tools that insure your drawings will survive the constant revisions that are a part of every office's daily routine.

Used at it's minimum, FLATLAND is a powerful design tool to aid in the production of attractive, uniform architectural drawings, but there's more! FLATLAND used to it's full potential is a complete drafting and drawing management system which includes many special features to help assemble, plot, track and organize your work.

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